I'm new to exercise, where do I start?

Where should I go?...What gym should I join?...Should I hire a trainer?...Should I take classes?...All these questions lead to another question you must ask yourself and that is; what is my health and fitness goal? This is very important in determining which route you'll take next. Figuring out your fitness goal is always a tough one because so many people get flooded with all these “celeb bodies” or extreme diets that just make it impossible to actually decide what we REALLY want! Whether your goal might be looking a certain way or being able to accomplish a certain physical challenge...In my opinion, everyone should hire a coach or trainer to help them maximize results. This can be in the form of online coaching, private training, or by taking group fitness classes that will not only push you but educate you as well. This is going to keep you motivated, accountable, and you'll be assured that you're receiving proper exercise instruction. There have been a few times in my life where I too had to hire a coach to help improve in areas that I lacked expertise in. So there's no shame in hiring help! In fact, I'd say you'd be ignorant not to! Your results could sky rocket by just reaching out for some help.

But how do you know if you're joining the right gym or choosing the right trainer? It's the job of your coach in either a personal or class setting to inform you of the purpose of every movement, the purpose of the workout, and to reassure you that what you're doing will help push you towards your goal. Another tactic you can use is simply ASK QUESTIONS! Ask your coach or trainer what it is you need to do for your goals and why? Any fitness professional should be able to provide you with those answers and the gym/coach providing the most value should be your choice!

Not only should your coach provide value, but the gym or studio should as well. This means that you want to look for a place that can help you in more ways then just one...ask yourself:

Does this gym/coach have access to assessment tools?

Does this gym have high quality trainers that can provide more value should I need it? That could be mobility/rehabilitation, nutrition advice, goal specific programming, and/or any client specific concerns.

Does this gym/coach provide me with information that can help me better my way of life outside of the gym?

Does the gym/coach I go to have education, experience, and results to back up their training methods?

Does the gym/coach I go to pay attention to the little details, the little things that make the biggest difference?

Once you find a gym that can provide you with answers that lead to the results you want, that's your baby! Sign up and stick to the plan! The best thing you can do is your research and pay attention to everything your coaches are telling you! At the end of the day it’s a team effort.

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